Chalemina Workshops

Tudor and Victorian Workshops: music - dance - manners - costumes - etiquette
- and a Mozart Workshop

Sara Stowe and Barbara Segal have led workshops in schools and Arts Centres for over ten years, both together and individually (they have given over 70 workshops). Their Key Stage 2 workshops have been given in varying lengths, from 50 minute sessions to extended periods, and can be made to suit.

Chalemina’s workshops are a mix of music, dance, history and manners. Between them, Sara and Barbara play numerous instruments, dance and sing songs of the time. Dressed in period costume they relate their performance to important events in history and to the rules of decorum of the day, while children are all encouraged to join in the activities.

Tudor Workshop - A Tudor Progress

[engraving of dancer]

The Tudor monarchs had courts of great splendour. Learn how they lived, what they ate, their manners, their clothing, how they kept clean and how they entertained themselves: experience the sound of Tudor instruments such as the harp, shawm, dulcimer, recorder, and that great novelty of King Henry VIII’s court, the crumhorn; learn the dances that they accompanied while joining Queen Elizabeth I in her early morning warm-ups.

You might also accompany a Tudor monarch on a Royal Progress through the kingdom, observing the pleasures and pastimes of village life, dancing to the sound of the hurdy-gurdy, the bum-fiddle or the pipe & tabor, as they celebrate the great victory of the Spanish Armada.

Victorian Workshop - Wheels of Wealth and Poverty

[engraving of the Dancing Academy]

The Industrial Revolution brought cotton mills to Lancashire, and wealth to the country; but the mill girls themselves had to stay warm by dancing in their clogs to the rhythm of the machines. Experience their life through their dances and songs.

The cotton they made went all over the world. How did Victoria’s merchant sailors keep fit on their long voyages trading in distant parts of the Empire? Both ships and factories were driven by coal; but why did miners form brass bands?

Chalemina uses the medium of song and dance to illustrate and answer these questions. Historical anecdotes are woven together with song and dance to produce an entertaining and educative mix.

Mozart Workshop

A children’s workshop featuring 18th century nursery rhymes which children may be surprised they already know. These songs include Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to which Mozart wrote variations, and very simple French and German songs. We intersperse these songs with 18th century dances such as the Minuet and Cotillon accompanied on the harpsichord and with music by Mozart.

A Double Helping - Chalemina are happy to give workshops to schools or elsewhere along with a performance of one their shows

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