The Chalemie Summer School - at Easter

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From Wednesday 7 April to Monday 12 April 2020 Chalemie will hold its 23rd Summer School in Early Music, Dance, Period Costume Making and Commedia. Leading performers from the group will direct a series of workshops on 17th/18th century music, song, dance, commedia and costume making, with a particular emphasis on the English repertoire of this period.

The course this year will be held once more in the delightful surroundings of Headington School, in beautiful old buildings just a mile from the centre of Oxford and situated in 22 acres of parklands, gardens and woodland.

The Chalemie Summer School is for everyone interested in performing music, song, dance or commedia, or any combination of these, together with period costume making. While its focus is on the 17th/18th centuries, it is not restricted to this period alone.


The course will be held over six days (five nights), beginning with registration at from 12.00 noon to 2.00 pm on Wednesday 7 April, and ending after lunch on Monday 12 April.

Mornings will start with a group class (which we hope all will want to attend!). This will be a warm-up session in which we will explore movement and presentational skills. In particular, the relationship between music and movement, along with the expression of music in physical form, should help both dancers and musicians to improve their performance. These sessions will be based partly around some of the fundamental routines and physical exercises that lie behind the ancient art of Commedia dell' Arte.

The timetable is intended to be fairly flexible in allowing participation in a variety of activities. Mornings (plus Sunday afternoon) will be allocated to formal courses in the chosen primary study sessions. Other afternoons are less formal and provide an opportunity to explore new areas as secondary studies, to continue with your primary study, or simply to do your own thing. Evenings are completely informal, but a variety of entertainments and activities have been arranged for all participants wishing to take part, including: a barn dance, a lecture/performance by Chalemie and a party/concert.

To encourage students to think of performance in theatrical terms there will be a concert on the final evening with an opportunity to present short pieces worked on during the course.

Further information

For further information and a full brochure, please contact Barbara Segal:

3 Thornhill Square
London N1 1BQ

Tel: 020 7619 9855