Chalemie Summer School

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Singing Course

The aim of this course will be to introduce students to, and extend their knowledge of, early song. This will include a wide range of pieces to suit different voices and abilities from medieval period to the baroque. Popular ballads will be taught as well as more extended songs and cantatas. Songs will be learnt in their original language (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Middle English) and attention will be given to stylistic interpretation. Accompaniment will be provided by a professional lutenist and harpsichordist.

Tutor: Sara Stowe

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Sara’s course will start with a group warm-up in vocal technique, followed by the song master-classes, in which matters of characterisation, style, language and technique will be discussed. There will also be opportunities for individual tuition on technical aspects of singing.

The course will also provide the potential for miniature music-theatre characterisation. Students are encouraged to bring an initial piece of their own choosing. Further course repertoire will be chosen to suit individual voices, preferences and abilities.