Chalemie Summer School

[engraving of lady dancing the forlana]
[engraving of man dancing]

Course in Baroque Dance

The baroque dance course will explore the so-called ‘noble’ style of dance that originated at the court of Louis XIV in France but was widespread throughout Europe in the early 18th century.

The course will look at dances with different rhythms, and develop these as exercises in style and interpretation. Some experience of baroque dance is required. The ability to read Feuillet notation is not necessary. Detailed notes and transcriptions will be provided during the course.

Barbara Segal

[photo of Barbara]

The objective in this class is not only to learn and practise the basic techniques of baroque dance, but to begin thinking about how these dances might work in the context of a ballroom or theatre. Clearly there will be differences in the two styles of presentation.

Dance was an important element in English pantomime during the early 18th century. In one of the afternoon sessions for all, a dance for Harlequin will be explored; in another, a comic dance by Lambranzi.

Students will need to bring appropriate dance shoes (eg. jazz shoes, Greek sandals, character shoes) but not trainers.